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Recent Head Start Internship Graduates

We want to congratulate our recent head start internship graduates

Aanchal Singh - Jun/ 2021

the real estate internship program for real estate agents century 21 leading edge

Deepak Patel - Jun/ 2021

Mya Yorke - July/ 2021

Launch Your Real Estate Career with a Powerful Head Start

Every year Century 21 Leading Edge Realty selects 21 QUALIFIED CANDIDATES for our Real Estate Salesperson Internship Program

It’s 2021, and Century 21 Leading Edge Realty Inc. is delighted to embark on a career training opportunity that gives future realtors a head start, in a highly competitive, fast paced and dynamic industry. This is your chance to participate in our intensive and advanced training programs so that once you receive your license, you can hit the ground running and close more deals. If you have successfully completed Course 3 and Invigilated Exam 3 of the Humber Real Estate Salesperson Program Learning Path, you may be eligible to enrol in our Head Start Internship program.

What’s in it for You?

You’re already enrolled in a real estate training program, so why an internship? Century 21 Leading Edge Realty offers more than an internship. We are deeply committed to understanding what realtors need and want, in order to take their real estate business to the next level. We survey thousands of realtors each year with the aim to improve our company, to facilitate a breed of best-in-class realtors, to set newer, higher benchmarks in our industry. To achieve these objectives, we know we must start even before the gates are open. While you wait to become a licensed realtor, we want you to gather all the fuel you will need to make a power-packed entry into the real estate industry. As a ‘newcomer’, we want you to be equipped with proven strategies for success. Imagine getting ahead, learning, and developing the skills needed to succeed in your first year of real estate! That’s what our Head Start Internship Program is all about.  

Why Join Century 21 Leading Edge Realty, Even BEFORE You’re a License Realtor?

As you inch closer to the finish line of completing your Humber Real Estate Salesperson Program Learning Path, how do you envision your future? Are thoughts of struggling to start your real estate business keeping you up at night? Let’s change that. 

We want you to dream of a million-dollar business without having to wait endless months and years for it. What steps do you need to take in your pre-launch stages in order to make your mark in the real estate industry? How do you become a part of a team where Your needs, Your goals, and Your vision have the support and backing of a real estate brokerage that understands them? Who can guide you on that journey through training, coaching, mentorship and all the resources you need?

Century 21 Leading Edge Realty Inc’s Head Start Program is designed to deliver on all the above. 
Your internship is tailored to help you gain a variety of experiences in many different niches of the real estate industry such as residential, commercial, property management, brokerage, private equity, and so on. Going beyond the essentials of buying and selling real estate, we give you a comprehensive overview of real estate investing. Learn day to day business functions and how decision making is performed in a range of firm sizes across various levels of management. Start making connections and building a strong network of mentors and advisors who will support and guide you today, as well as once you are firmly entrenched in your real estate career.

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Have you successfully completed Course 3 and passed Exam 3 of the Humber Real Estate Salesperson Program Learning Path? You may be eligible to enrol in our Head Start Internship program. Fill out the form and one of our Career Managers will contact you.

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